Mike Schroepfer, “vice-president of engineering” at Mozilla has recently published a post titled Mozilla plans for the mobile web. It is learned that the next platform Mozilla2 (which will be the basis of Firefox 4) adapted to be between other mobile web, implying architectural changes to adapt the mobile terminals (little available memory, limited bandwidth, etc.). Hopefully Firefox also benefit (especially memory consumption level). Christian Sejersen, formerly the head of Openwave (company strongly involved in Web browsers mobile, WAP, WML, etc.) has recently been hired by Mozilla. He will be responsible for a R center Mozilla longstanding also join this team. The long-term goal is proposed Mobile version of Firefox extensions that can run existing and allow to program in XUL OPUR of mobile phones applications. Minimo, the mobile browser project based on Mozilla will no longer be developed. As against the development of Joey, the extension that allows you to send web content (images, videos, RSS feeds, etc.) on mobile phones will remain active!

The latest ASUS motherboard integrates Splashtop technology to boot in five seconds under a pre-installed Linux system with Skype and Firefox (among others). The Linux system is not changed but it’s still handy if you must quickly go online to check a route before leaving hastily 🙂 Source;

A Mozilla Europe will be present at booth Days Of Free Software in Lyon on 19 and 20 November. I’ll be there !
Alex Faaborg has posted an interesting post on the future look of Firefox 3. It is learned that integration with Windows and Mac OS X is a priority. No Linux. This is includes a bit in the sense that there should be the case where the user uses Gnome, KDE, XFCE, etc. As Mike Beltzner say this comment is also to distributions Linux that include Firefox by default adapt to their theme Firefox (Ubuntu there is a firefox-themes-ubuntu package adding the Human themes, Tangerine Tango and Firefox).