@font-face CSS2 is a property that allows use on a website a font not present on the computer of the user. The browser downloads it on a server Web and applies it automatically. Well aware that this property is available in the latest WebKit nightlys, we can assume that the next major version Safari and Konqueror will integrate this feature. Rumors also speak of a future support @ font-face by Opera. As for Internet Explorer, since it already supports long (95?) this property but only for fonts in a Microsoft format. For Firefox gives is different, version 3 (planned for early 2008 approximately) will not support @font-face and there is no specific date for future versions.

Example Usage :

@font-face {
font-family: “Swiss 721”;
src: url(“swiss721lt.pfr”); /* Swiss 721 light */
font-style: normal, italic;
font-weight: 200;
h1 { font-family: “Swiss 721”, sans-serif }

All that to say that it is the designers who will be happy because they are waiting for this feature for a long time. For against us, the Internet users, in danger of drooling! My pessimistic side leads me to believe that many webmaster will find a pleasure to add full of unsuitable Web fonts on their sites making it 1) heavier load 2) completely unreadable in some cases …

Another issue to raise in my opinion is the license fonts. This is a fairly closed environment with great restrictions. I already see people look at the source code of the web site to get the police and later use which is not permitted by their license (at least for most fonts).

Another topic I wanted to say a word is designing web sites for mobile phones. Many sites (Dailymotion, GWT, etc.) have adapted their interface to the iPhone (I’m not talking mobile versions of those sites that already existed for smartphones with Pocket IE, which in my opinion are set to disappear).

This adaptation has requested a more or less heavy design phase (taking into account the size of the pixel screen, the features supported by mobile Safari, etc.) but what about the next iPhone competitors? LG, Nokia, etc. are already preparing their iPhone-killer that will surely have different specifications. Suppose one of these phones reach the same level of market share than the iPhone (or more), it will rehabilitate the mobile version of site. It is clear that this is not a long term solution, we will quickly fall back into a war of browsers, but this time in a mobile version. The only solution I see immediately in order not to bother is to develop its sites to web standards, and that’s to mobile browsers to adapt (or adapt when displaying websites as does Opera Mobile), not the reverse!